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What We Can Offer

All Provided At No Cost To You

We also offer one of the starred options in addition to your consultation.

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Moving Truck
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Power of Attorney

Personable Consultation

We have advisors who are willing to drive you out to or meet you at your potential new home when you're doing your initial walk through. It can be overwhelming making that first impression so we make sure to ask questions and reiterate information about the specific facility to make sure the fit is right for you.

*Moving Company Credit*

You probably have furniture and keepsakes you want to bring with you to make your new Home feel like Home. We offer a moving credit to help that transition by moving your things for you so it isn't another worry to stress about in our Arizona heat.

*Commission Reduced Real Estate*

Partnering with the local Scottsdale Brokerage, Realty Exchange, we're able to offer an opportunity to sell your house with the Realtor either waiving their commission entirely or accepting a heavily reduced commission so more money rolls into your pocket.

*Credit and Referral towards Estate Planner*

Organizing all of those documents can be overwhelming so we have credible attorneys we can recommend you to. We don't make any money off these attorney referrals but we forward a $1,000 dollar credit to lower your final bill. We'll refer you to someone who's values we think resemble ours and is looking out for your best interest.

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