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How do I know I can trust AZSPA?

We strive to make our referral agency as reputable as possible. Our management team also consists of a Law Enforcement Officer, an attorney who specializes in HIPAA compliance, and a W.P. Carey Graduate with Honors. All our operations are transparent and we make sure you clearly understand the process throughout by having an in-person advisor who is assigned to your case and prioritizes YOU.

How do I know that Arizona Senior Placement Advisors is the right consulting agency for me?

This is up to you because you are the one in control of this but, if our story resonates with you and you appreciate attentive and compassionate care, we know we're the best option. Our in-person approach is unique to AZSPA as well as our additional value added in our '1 of 3' perk system we offer also differentiates us from the other options.

Will my information be kept private?

While it isn't legally required of the other referral agencies, we think your information deserves to be protected under the highest scrutiny. We protect all your information under HIPAA complaint processes and ensure that your business is kept discreet and safe.

Why don't I have to pay any money to AZSPA?

We don't charge you anything throughout this entire process because we are compensated by the facility you select. They will compensate us with a percentage of the first month's rent. We use that money to pay the advisor who places you as well as to fund whichever one of the additional perks you select. This doesn't affect the facilities we suggest because we work for you and prioritize your needs and wants during the search process, one of which being price point.

If I don't want your services, can you still provide me information?

While we won't be able to search Facilities for you, we still want you to be prepared and knowledgeable. You can still contact us to get any information you may need with no commitment but below are questions we wish we'd have had walking into Communities when we were transitioning our Grandmother.

  • Is this facility licensed?

  • Who owns this facility and what is their experience?

  • What are the admission requirements?

  • What is the monthly cost of care?

  • Do you require a deposit?

  • Do we have to sign a contract? (Read the contract!!)

  • How long can a resident stay here?

  • Can a resident bring a vehicle, where do they park?

  • Are there any additional expenses, other than the monthly cost of care?

  • How many residents live here?

  • What is the resident to staff ratio?

  • Is there a nurse on staff?

  • Does this facility have an awake staff?

  • What are the qualifications or certifications of the owners, manager and care givers?

  • How does the facility keep records of each resident? (food intake, medication log, etc.)

  • How many people share one bathroom?

  • How often are showers given?

  • Are medications under lock and key?

  • Are residents allowed to leave the facility with family or friends(Outside of COVID-19 Protocols)?

  • What’s a typical resident like here?

  • When are the visitation hours?

  • Does the facility provide transportation? What is the extent of provided transportation?

  • Is the bathroom handicapped equipped?

  • Can a resident have their own telephone in the room?

  • Do they allow pets? If so, what kind and does it change the cost?

  • Who does housekeeping/ laundry and how often?

  • Are the residents allowed to bring personal belongings?

  • Are meals prepared in house?

  • Ask to see a menu or an sample/ example of the menu

  • Do they have substitute meals for residents who don’t like what’s being served?

  • What time do residents go to bed and get up in the morning?

  • Does the facility have a in-house physician?

  • What kind of activities does the facility provide and when(frequency)?

  • Is there an on-call beautician?

  • Can residents receive personal mail?

  • What are the admission requirements?

  • Is the facility secure for memory care patients (i.e. wanderers)? (if applicable)

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